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About Dev&Shi

Dev&Shi Consulting services is 100% Women empowerment organization working with single goal to empower women and make women explore more opportunities as per there skills. We are Women Centric organization formed by different likeminded people who feel Women can do wonders in the male dominated jobs as well.

Dev&Shi would like to be torch bearer for start-ups to focus much on Women Empowerment and a barrister for employers who are seeking women professional talent in their reputed organizations.

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I was amazed by the way Devandshi management has engaged all its employees, I’m glad that I joined an organization which will be one of the best in near future.


Niktha Sankarvamsam

Recruitment Team

DevandShi teams are the best to work with. Rich culture and ethics are followed rigorously, employees are well treated, great employee engagement and benefit programs,


Smitha Vaidya

Recruitment Team

Great work-life balance, amazing working hours. Mostly are work from home and as its 100% women focused organization you wont have any work related issues.


Aarthi Joshi

Adminstartion Department

This is a great company with outstanding leadership. They care about their people and they set a high bar for the products we're building and the level of service we provide.


Vijaya Verma

Sales and Development Department

Atmosphere and Culture Leadership is truly concerned about the health and welfare of their employees. Employees are all trained on Leadership and Mindfulness.


Sunitha Maredu

HR Department

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